Pay It Forward for Freelance Writers

Being a freelancer is hard work. When we don't have gigs, our income stops. For the freelance writer we do have some options that come from sites like Associated Content for Yahoo, Bright Hub, Bukisa and Suite101 because of what is known as Page Views and Ad Revenue Share. When people read our articles we get paid from some of these site when ads load. Now if a person likes an ad and clicks on it, that is an extra bonus at sites like Suite101.

During those times when our other income sources have run dry or when we can not write for whatever reason, these PV and Rev Share bonuses help to pay the bills each month. It is because of this I am adding this new page to Caramelde, to help smooth out the rough money spots for my fellow freelance writers. Click on any of the names you see here and read some of their stuff, even leave a comment on an article. They and their families would appreciate it. Also, if you like what you read, subscribe or bookmark their page to check for new content.
  1. JENNIFER BUDD - Featured Health & Wellness Contributor
  2. VINCENT SUMMERS - Featured Technology, Gardening and (unofficial) Religion Contributor
  3. MISSY JESS - Featured Local and Video Games Contributor
  4. PATRICIA COOK - Featured Local and Sports Contributor
  5. WILLIAM LEE - Contributor
  6. EMMALEIGH R. HALL - Contributor
  7. JOSHUA BOWSER - Contributor
  8. LINDA COLE - Pets Contributor
  9. TIFFANY BAILEY - Featured Shopping & Fashion; Dating & Relationships Contributor
  10. ANNE WRIGHT - Featured Arts & Entertainment; Shopping & Fashion Contributor
  11. MIKE BURNSIDE - Contributor 
  12. DON A. SHEPARD - Featured Green Contributor 
  13. NICHOLAS WARD - Featured Technology Contributor
  14. KIM REMESCH - Featured Business & Finance; Seniors and Local Contributor


  1. Awesome! I need to do something similar.

  2. Great idea! I'm going to add something similiar to my blog!.

  3. I've been a little behind updating this week. I will set time aside on Friday to add more names and content.

    @ Cindy - I am glad you are sharing on your blog as well. I love how we live far apart but still manage to come together as a community.

  4. Thanks for the warm welcome and the exposure I just found your link through SEO quake. I might just have to find a box to put a weekly featured contributor in on my blog as well.